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QuincyWeb Bright Site 1999 Winners

These featured web pages and sites are recent winners of  the Bright Site Award and are worth a visit to.  You can also find these, and other informational sites, listed in the main, searchable QuincyWeb Directory.

Winners for June 1999
Ann's Art Page Website Awards Worksheet
ASCII Art Gallery Law Enforcement Index Page
Alberto Paronetto Home Page A Year to Remember
Sakura Martial Arts Supplies  A Gadzillion Things to Think About
Winners for July 1999
Asthma: Research William F. Taylor V.F.W. Post 9486
KC5URH Storm Chaser Site
The Novel Enterprise
Hop Aboard the Titanic
Philosophy Research Base
Winners for August 1999
Neotext Nordic Mythology
LarryDavidson.com Catholic Corner
A Field Guide to the Philosophy of Mind
Seth Fuller's Classical Music Tribute
UFO's The Beginning of a New World
Winners for September 1999
Rathcamp Matchcover Society Things with Wings
Rod's Photo Gallery
The Castles of Tuscany
ReNATssance Art
The Cosmology
Tourette Syndrome "Plus"
Understanding Human Behavior
Winners for October 1999
The Human Brain: A Mystery to Itself All Along a River
Get Some Culture Trillian's Mental Health Pages
Psychology Online Resource Central Boo Boo Inc. Squirrel World
Le Petit handinaute Illustré
Winners for November 1999
Alternative Science Website The Edge of Nowhere...
General A.P. Hill conference.dkl.com
A World Below
The Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project
Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Winners for December 1999
MyOwls of the World My Tragic Kingdom
Iowa Third Cavarly Homepage Sarcoidosis Helpline
Kerry Sullivan's Saltwater Fishing Site MEDhelpNET.com
Global Special Operations Forces
Winners for January 2000
DandieOnline - Dandie Dinmont Terriers Toledo-Bend.Com
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources National Lightning Safety Institute
La Regia Marina
CommunityNet My Turn By Robert Paul Reyes
Monticello Times Best Senior Site
Down Syndrome: For New Parents
Michael Daniels Homepage