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General Links of Interest:

Karate1 - 100's of FREE martial arts theme Clip Art images! Very unique. Also: martial arts newsletters and information

Universal Martial Arts - Quotes, information, history of 5 animals.

Martial Arts Boards - Many martial arts bulletin boards and forums.

Dillman - Dillman's home page. Small circle jujitsu, pressure points, and grappling. How to find Dillman schools, videos, etc.

Martial Arts Index - Index and facts of many martial arts styles.

Koryubooks - Online magazine of Japanese martial arts.

Official Shuri-Ryu Web Site - history, traditions, lineage and techniques of Okinawan Shuri-Ryu. Includes kata, weapons, and specific techniques, including "technique of the week".

Kempo Links

Adojo Shaolin Kempo - Shaolin Kempo school located in New Jersey. Kempo history and information.

Valadez Kenpo Association - Rank and technique requirements, resources, and links.

NorthernChi.com - Locations throughout Maine. Kenpo, Taiji, Qigong, and Aerobic Kickboxing.

Shaolin Kempo Karate - Information on the martial art of Shaolin Kempo Karate.

Ken's Martial Arts Page - Info. about the shaolin temple, also Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan links.

Kempo FAQ - Lots of info on Kempo, and links.

White Tiger Kempo - Information on this style of Kempo.

Huizen Kempo Site - Excellent Shaolin Kempo site. Everything you'd want to know!

Kenpo Site - Links to resources and Kenpo schools around the country. Also a neat scrapbook and guestbook.

Villari's Home Page - The official Villari's home page with information about their Kempo system.

Skip Ell's Martial Arts Institute -  Kempo school in Massachusetts. Local newsletter/school info.

Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts Center - NJ Center and School. Resource for information on Shaolin Kempo Karate.

American Kenpo Karate Studio - dojo located in PA.  Jeff Speakman's American Kenpo Karate System.

Iaido and Other Sword Links

L. Fowler's Site - GREAT site. Samurai info and links to online magazines.

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu - An Iaido site.

Sei Do Kai Iaido Home Page - Good Iaido information.

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