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Please read the instructions on how to submit your site for the "Quincy Web Bright Site Award" before Continuing on to Our Award Submission Form.

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QuincyWeb is Different...Sites Networked to Provide a Directory Worth Searching.  We are the Sites You WANT to Find.

QuincyWeb's Bright Site Award

Quincy's Bright Site Web site Award was created to recognize sites that demonstrate outstanding performance in the broad areas of learning, education, or information.  In this sense, we are defining "learning, education, and information" very loosely.  We are looking to reward sites  whose subject matter was designed to convey information or awareness to web site visitors. Ideally, these sites give back to the web community, and help people learn or understand new ideas. Thus the term, "Bright Site".

Many types of sites potentially qualify for the Bright Site Award.   For instance, qualified sites could include:

  • Sites that serve as a forum or resource around a subject
  • Sites dedicated to increasing awareness about a topic or issue
  • Educational, scientific, or social science sites
  • A personal site providing specific, useful information about a hobby or interest
  • Information providing or resource sites

Award Criteria

Along with the requirement that an award winning site be of informational or educational value, sites are also judged on the following:

  • Overall presentation and creativity.

  • Reasonable loading speed and ease of navigation.

  • Workability of site - Do all your links, forms, graphics, scripts, etc. work?

Award Submissions

Quincy Web is selective about who receives awards (only accepting an average of 15% of submissions), and receives many submissions per day. However, we are very fair in our judging process, first considering the informational value of each site.   In the interest of promoting award winners, we have a page of links to award winning sitesWinning sites are also automatically added to the Quincy Web Bright Site Directory. We simply ask that if you win our award and choose to display it, that you hyperlink the award back to our site.   We will supply the html if you need it. 

Sites who submit for an award are generally reviewed within 1-2 weeks by one or more members of our panel of judges.  Winners are sent their awards by email.   Currently, we are only able to notify winning sites of their status..

To submit your site: Follow the link to our award submission form.  After you submit your site, you will be taken back to the main QuincyWeb Search Engine and Directory..

QuincyWeb Award Submission Form